All artworks can be installed horizontally or vertically.

A piece that is too small for the space will disappear and not have any noticeable impact. A piece too large wont have enough respectful space around it. However, even the smallest size can be matted and framed to adjust its overall presentation to use the space with the most impact.

I recommend approximately 6"- 8" on all sides.

All pieces are numbered and signed with a maximum of 50 per image.
The images are printed museum quality on sturdy canvas and delivered safely in highly protective architectural tubing and insured for their full value
Shipping Costs: $35 per piece. Depending on its destination, from order to arrival, delivery is 10-14 days. Remember we are dealing with fine art and I won't let anything leave the studio that isn't immaculate.

Keep in mind that the largest size is quite LARGE and is designed to dominate any space. While your choice of course, it isn't recommended to try to use fine art to 'match' your furniture or other surroundings. Choose art because you love it and it emotes you.

It should stand on its own. Make it fun!

Any good framer can easily manage that component professionally. I recommend simplicity and non-reflective glass.  



Any and all questions can be directed to the following email or mobile phone via text or telephone.