This body of work begins with actual photographic elements of 22 years in the world of professional ceramics. I wanted to find a way to integrate my over 30,000 ceramic pieces handmade and sold. Thus, the backgrounds are images from that dynamic journey with acrylics and graphic elements layered on top.

This photo is with my two brilliant daughters and greatest of friends. I reside on the edge of Ventura and LA counties amidst breathtaking horse country, a graduate of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration and use both my business prowess and hospitality skills every day in the management of my artwork. I remain the only surviving sibling of three while simultaneously the proud survivor of seven major brain and cervical surgeries; the only one in the world today, fully functional after 12 years of self-directed rehabilitation. From there I achieved a lifelong dream of becoming an active equestrian in the challenging Olympic sport of 3 Day Eventing.

Moving forward in every capacity under extreme levels of pain and duress has taken its' toll l but I have done my best to channel the energy into all things positive and productive.

This body of work is certainly about rising above challenging physical and emotional circumstances, about evolution, adaptation, music always, love and desire for peace while aiding to reduce the suffering of others.

My many thanks for your interest and support.

 XtB   ( c h r i s t y )